3 Rajni Mehta Hot Web Series List for 2024 (18+ Only)

Discover 3 Rajni Mehta hot web series for 2024, curated for adult audiences seeking intense, provocative entertainment.

Rajni Mehta Web Series – The famous bold actress Rajni Mehta has surely made a mark for herself in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her work in OTT platforms. Some of her hit web series include Psycho Saiyan and Paglet. If you are searching for a good boil web series that you can watch at night and vibe alone then listed below are some of the best Rajni Mehta web series that you can watch at night- 

Top Rajni Mehta Web Series 

1. Psycho Saiyan

Hot Rajni Mehta Web Series
Cast:Anmol Jain
Rolly Singh
Arohi Barde
Crew:Director: Sameer Salim Khan

The Rajni Mehta web series revolves around a husband suffering from a peculiar mental illness. He tends to forget his wife every day and believes she is the new woman he just met. Because of this, his life is filled with a lot of complications. He starts thinking every woman he met is his wife leading to a lot of confusion and comedy. Watch the web series on Voovi App to know what happens next. Plus it has many bold scenes that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. 

2. Paglet 2 

Hot Rajni Mehta Web Series
Cast:Shyna Khatri (Rishu), and Hiral Radadiya
Crew:Director: Porus

Rajni Mehta has been cast in the leading role alongside Hiral Radadiya. Hiral is best known for her appearance in the bold web series 61-62 Adla Badli, Siskiyaan 2 Palang Tod, Saali Aadhi Gharwaali Palang Tod, Raja ka Baja Charmsukh etc. Ambika Shukla will also be seen in a prominent role. Born and brought up in Lucknow, she was destined to be famous. She won the title of 2017’s Miss Lucknow and Miss Abhivyakti. 

3. Paglet

Hot Rajni Mehta Web Series
Cast:Rajni Mehta
Shyna Khatri
Tarakesh Chauhan
Crew:Director: Sudhir Meshram

This time Rajni Mehta will be seen alongside Jayshri Gaikwad. Both of them have crossed every limit with their seductive performance. Jayshri is best known for a bold avatar in the Jalebi Part 2 web series. Make sure you are 18+ or above once you start watching it as it is filled with sexually explicit scenes. 

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