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Gotham Knights are quite a popular game song the millennials mostly because it has a lot of suspense and mystery around it. Its final twist is what made fans in a dilemma. One thing that has left the fans intrigued was the Court of Owls.

If the sequel is underway then there will be a lot of expectations from fans. Let’s take a look at the end of the game to know what could occur in the sequel if it gets a green light. 

Gotham Knights ending

If you have watched the final scenes, it shows who is in charge of the Court of Owls. As it turns out Jacob Kane, uncle of Bruce Wayne behind the esteemed organisation that was running under the shadows of Gotham City. Plus, the players weren’t exactly satisfied with defeating him. It was Talia al Ghul who assassinated him. 

Throughout the game, the Court of Owls was a huge part of the story. Real villains were also revealed as the League of Assassins. Firstly Talia’s aim was to become the protagonist in order to defeat the Court of Owls. Additionally, they stand between the League of Assassins’ way of ruling Gotham.

Plus, Talia also constructed a Lazarus Pit under the Batcave. For those who don’t know, the Lazarus Pits was the main source behind Ra al Ghul’s near-immortality. Previously if fans remember it also brought Jason Todd back from the dead followed by his role as Red Hood. 

Later comes a big climax where it was disclosed that Bruce Wayne was put into a Lazarus Pit, which made him mind-controlled and angry. 

Still, there are a lot of loopholes in Gotham Knights that still need to be addressed like interaction with the family portrait. A video shows Bruce recording himself, preparing the Bat Family for his eventual death.

The secret ending shows Bruce Wayne, filming a video for the Bat Family, should he die but was interrupted when the protagonists entered. 

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