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Reasons Why AngularJS Development is Gaining Popularity These Days

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Popularly known as Super Heroic JavaScript Framework, AngularJS has emerged as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks because of its incredibly fast-loading and high-performance features. As all businesses and enterprises wantto boost their productivity and revenue, they are in pursuit of an AngularJS Development Company that can leverage the full potential of AngularJS technology for their business services

Although HTML is ideal for stating static documents, it faces difficulty in declaring dynamic views in web applications. AngularJS extends HTML vocabulary for the development of web applications that are expressive, readable, and fast.It offers various directives for customizing the features easily. 

Instead of abstracting standard frontend web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or providing a superior way to manipulate DOM, the AngularJS framework meets HTML capabilities by providing dynamic views in rich web apps (RWA).

In the MEAN stack, AngularJS is the front-end framework along withMongoDB database, Express.js web app server framework,and Node.js web server runtime ecosystem. MEAN stack has replaced the LAMP stack that primarily consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Supported by Google, AngularJS is a JavaScript-based, open-sourceframework for front-end web application development. It is an ideal framework for developing high-performing single-page applications.

Objectives of AngularJS Framework

  • Separate document object model from app’s logic.
  • Separatean app’s client-side from the server-side.
  • Ensure development happens simultaneously on both sides.
  • Allow organization of the whole web application development process from designing to building a web app.

WhyAngularJS Development is So Popular?

1. Single-Page Application

AngularJS helps in developing fast-loading single-page applications. The websites function and look like native apps. The websites communicates with the web browser by replacing the existing page dynamically with new web server data rather than using the browser’s default method of loading entirely new webpages. These are called Single Page Applications (SPA). 

An Angular development company uses the AngularJS framework to build Single Page Applications that load quickly, work on all platforms, deliver excellent user experience, and are easier to maintain.

2. Two-way Data Binding 

In AngularJS, instant synchronization takes place between the model and the view. Whatever changes are made to the model’s data is reflected in the view. If changes are done in the view data, the model gets revised accordingly.

The two-way data binding feature enables the app to make its presentation layer simpler. This enables a simpler approach to DOM display to create the UI.

3. ReaI-time Testing

Developers can easily test web applications using AngularJS as it allows for end-to-end as well as unit testing. AngularJS offers testing features such as dependency injectionthat allows you to gain better visibility of how the components of the web apps are generated and how to resolve their dependencies. This helps developers to test applications and check for errors with the utmost ease. 

AngularJS is ideal for building high-quality, dynamic web applications. Being a feature-rich framework, it allows developers to be free from any third-party software dependency to support their applications. This saves a lot of time and resources for developers while developing web applications with AngularJS.

4. Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

The development of the frontend of rich internet apps (RIA) is a complicated process with vanilla HTML and JSdue to maintainability problems. The plain combination of HTML and JavaScript provides no possibility to modularize and test the frontend efficiently.The AngularJS framework extends HTML and incorporates dynamics to static HTML to build easy-to-maintain rich internet apps by separating static UI description and dynamic logic of the control that is based on the MVC architecture.

5. Model View Controller (MVC)

The Model View Controller model isolatesthe application’s User Interface into three parts: The model, which has the data, the View to which the data is displayed, and the controllerthat serves as a negotiator between the model and theuser.AngularJS depends on Scopes to facilitate communication among the model, view, and controller. Scopes are basically Namespaces, implemented as plain JavaScript objects. An AngularJS web application consists of a root scope object and multiple child scopes.

6. Model View ViewModel (MVVM)

The communication with the ViewModel objects is done by Models using a root scope or child scope. The Model is polled for any changes made and extractedby the Views, which is the HTML that shows your code. The route Provider object routes the Views. AngularJS connects and structures your Views and Controllers, converting them into easy-to-navigate URLs, and offers stateless controllers that fine-tune and control the Scope object.

7. REST Easy

REST fulactions are rapidly becoming the way for client-server communication. You can easily communicate with the server and fetch the data required to interact with your pages in just a single line of JavaScript.

The AngularJS framework transforms this into a simple JS object as a Model based on the MVVM (Model- View – ViewModel) model. 

8. Declarative UI

The AngularJS framework creates templates with the help of HTML. AngularJS is a declarative language popularly used by developers because of its greater scalability and intuitiveness. Templates consist of AngularJS-specific elements and attributes including filters, directives like ng-app, ng-repeat, ng-model, form controls, etc.

With a declarative user interface, it becomes easier to understand and manipulate things. This also helps developers and designers work simultaneously. Web app developers can employsyntax for declarative binding to deep-link multiple UI elements with data models, while web designers can create User Interface.

9. Extension of HTML

Angular executes HTML language just like XML,offering the web app developersboundless opportunities for attributes and tags. Angular Directives features improve the functionality of HTML elements by incorporating new functionalities into them. Expressions act like code snippets enclosed within curly braces which don’t use conditional statements or loops. They just format data to display. 

10. Maintained by Google

AngularJS is developed and maintained by top-notch Google engineers. So, you enjoy massive open-source community support and a team of shrewd engineers who can address all your Angular queries and concerns proactively. 

Popular Applications Investing in AngularJS Development

Some of the leading web applications like Upwork,PayPal, The Guardian, Netflix, Lego, and The Weather Channel are developed using AngularJS. Google also made a shocking announcement about developing a mobile application for Sony PlayStation using AngularJS.

  • Freelancers
  • PayPal
  • Upwork
  • The Guardian
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • The Weather Channel
  • iStock
  • Lego
  • Jetblue

Final Thought

AngularJS is ideal for building fast-loading and high-performing web applications. An AngularJS development company can help you leverage the benefits of this amazing technology for web application development. 

With features like MVC design pattern, dependency injection, directives, AngularJS helps developers save a lot of time and resources. Moreover, it is the most preferred development platform as it is freely available, which means developers can easily expand the HTML syntax and use it for client-side web application development.

If all these reasons are enough to convince you about AngularJS, then you may approach a professional AngularJS development company for your project.

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