5 Reasons why GPS Tracker for Bike is Necessary?

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Nowadays, it’s very easy to find anything on Google whether you want to know about any decent restaurant or you’re searching for a medical shop near your house. Google has it all but what google doesn’t give you is how to improve delivery in these restaurants & medical shops. That’s where the role of GPS tracker for bike comes into play as we all know that all the food delivering companies like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. have their food to customers through their delivery man on a motorcycle. This article will tell you about a GPS device name One lap Micro, which will let any food delivery company monitor customer’s delivery.

Whenever we heard the word “Fleet,” the image of a bus or truck comes into our mind, sometimes car also, but the bike fleet always misses most people’s minds. People don’t pay much attention to Bike Fleet as much attention as they pay to trucks or bus fleets. They forget that the bike fleet plays a vital role in our lives.

Uber, which is a Taxi service provider, also provides bike services to its customers. Not only this, whenever we feel like eating something delicious, then names like Zomato & Swiggy popup in our minds.

Now, you must be wondering that how food is related to bike? We should keep in mind that food delivery companies deliver the food with employees’ help, and employees deliver that food by bike. I hope it is enough to convince everyone that the bike fleet should be valued as much as a car or truck fleet.

Keeping the importance of bikes in mind, Onelap Telematics, a Delhi-based startup, was created by Shubham & Vishal in 2016. Onelap provides GPS tracking solutions to personal vehicles like bike, car, truck, bus, and its tracking services to all types of Fleets.

This organization has recognized the motorcycle fleet’s value, and small bike fleet businesses are loving it because, finally, someone has recognized their true potential. One of their clients named Satish Chopra, who runs a food delivery company, said:

“Onelap bike GPS tracker has transformed my business. Before purchasing this tracker, I was anxious about whether my employees would deliver the food on time or not? Will my customers be satisfied with the time of delivery or not? My main worry was that how I should stop time idling but thankfully, Onelap came to my rescue and provided exactly that type of solution I was looking for. Now, I can know my employees’ location whenever I want & more importantly, the time idling of employees has reduced significantly.”

Advantages of GPS for Bike

Here are the 5 advantages of motorbike GPS:

1. Accuracy:

If you’re looking for a device that lets, you know the exact location of your vehicle. With the help of this device, you can even reduce time idling as we have read above. This feature has helped a lot of fleet owners who are facing the issue of time-idling. Hence, if you want to manage your entire fleet accurately, then this device is perfect for you.

2. Theft Alerts:

It is one most essential features for both fleet owners as well as personal vehicle owners. Everyone has concerns about their bicycle, whether its fleet owner or personal car owner, because of the rising vehicle theft cases. The most worrying fact is the thieves find it easy to steal a two-wheeler in comparison to four-wheelers. The things I have written here can give any vehicle owner a considerable headache. Now stop worrying because the Onelap GPS tracking device has an Anti-theft alarm that gives you real-time alerts whenever someone tries to start or tow your vehicle.

3. Fuel Consumption:

It is the most useful feature for fleet owners in the time of rising fuel prices. During the complete lockdown due to Covid in the country from March to May, fuel prices have risen like a fire. Which has given a profound shock to fleet owners. As we have seen above, with the help of the Onelap GPS device can reduce your employees’ time idling. Now you would say that how time idling is related to fuel? See, sometimes drivers during the idle time forget to switch off the engine, due to this unlimited fuel of your vehicle gets wasted, but you can’t do anything. However, if you have a GPS tracker installed in all your bikes, you can monitor your fuel consumption also & can save lots of money.

4. Monitoring:

You must have been wondering that I have talked about fuel consumption monitoring in the last paragraph of the previous point. Now again, I’m talking about monitoring. Relax, I’m not repeating, from this monitoring my reference driver’s behavior monitoring on the road. Rising accident cases can scare anybody & being a fleet owner. Every fleet owner should be worried about their employees’ safety. Onelap can lessen your worry in this regard. With this tracker’s help, you can set a speed limit in all your vehicles & whenever the driver crosses that limit. You will get an instant notification on your Onelap mobile app.

5. Entire Fleet at Fingertips:

When you install the Onelap GPS tracking app on your phone, you have to register your vehicle, but after that, you can add as many vehicles as you want from a single account. This is a handy feature for bike fleet owners because you don’t have to register again. In short, you can manage your entire fleet on a single screen.


As we have read above, how bike fleet is underestimated. Whenever we heard the fleet, we don’t even consider motorcycles. However, Onelap has identified the importance of bike fleet and the vast potential they possess.

From dropping people at different places & delivering food at any house, food delivery companies’ employees do all through the bike. Hence, its high time that every fleet owner should install a GPS tracker for the bike in their vehicles so that they can monitor each & everything about their fleet.

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