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Recalling a morale-boosting phone call from PM Modi at 2.30 AM: Social worker’s experience during Covid

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Jitender Singh Shunty, a former legislator and social worker, received a morale-boosting phone call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Covid-19 pandemic. Modi commended Shunty for his selfless work, motivating him to continue his social service efforts.

During the pandemic, Shunty worked tirelessly at the Seemapuri cremation ground, cremating unclaimed bodies almost daily. Despite facing objections from neighbors concerned about the spread of the virus, Shunty continued his noble work without returning home for 21 days.

One night, while conducting last rites at 2.30 AM, Shunty received a surprising phone call from PM Modi’s office. Modi praised Shunty’s efforts, stating, “You are doing noble work by cremating the unclaimed bodies. The whole country is with you. You should keep doing this work with full determination.”

This unexpected call served as a significant morale booster for Shunty, highlighting the importance of acknowledgment and appreciation from the country’s leader. Shunty was impressed by Modi’s attention to detail and commitment to recognizing the efforts of individuals working selflessly for the greater good.

Reflecting on the experience, Shunty emphasized the importance of remaining humble and grounded, regardless of one’s position or power. The phone call from PM Modi not only motivated Shunty to continue his social service work but also demonstrated the leader’s keen interest in supporting and appreciating those dedicated to the welfare of society.


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