Reem Alfahad Missing, What Happened To The Kuwaiti Woman Living in Berlin, Is She Found Yet?

The news of the mysterious disappearance of a Kuwaiti woman, Reem Alfahad has currently grabbed the media and people’s attention. She was living in Berlin, Germany. Currently, her whereabouts are not known. Stay tuned with us to explore the latest updates about her.

How did Reem Alfahad go missing?

Reem Alfahad Missing, What Happened To The Kuwaiti Woman Living in Berlin, Is She Found Yet?

Reem Alfahad went missing unexpectedly. She belongs to Kuwait but was living in Berlin, Germany. On October 31, 2023, something strange happened that stirred the entire local community. According to surveillance footage, she was last spotted near the Lobeckstrasse in Berlin, around 5:30 p.m.

As per their beliefs, she returned to Schillerkiez, Neukölln, her residence. However, after this point, no more leads were found leaving her exact whereabouts shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Her entire family is in great shock and perpetual anguish. The investigation is going on to unveil the exact reason behind her disappearance.

Is Reem Alfahad Found Yet?

No, the Kuwaiti woman, Reem Alfahad is not found yet. Until now no significant developments have been witnessed in the investigation yet. However, the lead investigation is currently carried out by the Kreuzberg District Police in Berlin. They have put all their efforts into locating her. Currently, the global community is waiting for any news to locate Reem’s whereabouts.

Who is Reem Alfahad?

Reem Alfahad is a Kuwaiti woman who has been in the limelight lately. She gained the public spotlight following her sudden disappearance. She was living as an ordinary individual in Berlin, Germany, before her disappearance.

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She kept her professional and personal life away from the public eye. Reem maintained a private existence for herself. Her sudden disappearance has raised numerous questions and speculations among the community people. The case is under investigation, hope she will be found soon.


  1. Is Reem Alfahad found yet?

    No, she hasn't been found yet.

  2. Who is Reem Alfahad?

    She is Kuwaiti woman who suddenly disappeared.

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