Renault Triber NCAP Rating: Renault Triber gets 4 Stars out of 5 at Global NCAP Rating

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Renault Triber NCAP Rating: The flagship MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) Triber of French automobile giant Renault (Renno) has emerged as one of the safest cars in India. This Renault Triber has easily passed the Global NCAP Rating crash test. The Triber MPV has secured a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the latest test conducted under Global NCAP’s ‘Safer Cars for India‘ campaign. The Renault Triber has shown significant improvements over the previous Renault model as tested by Global NCAP. According to the results of this safety crash test, the Tiber MPV protects the head of both the driver and co-driver to a great extent.

In terms of adult protection, this MPV has got a 4 star rating. At the same time, it has got a 3 star rating for child protection. The model that was taken during testing was given basic safety features like dual front airbags, speed alert, parking sensors etc. This is the second MPV after Mahindra Marazzo to get a 4-star safety rating in the last few years.

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Global NCAP praised the car

Alejandro Fures, Secretary-General, Global NCAP, said, “Renault has significantly improved the safety performance of adult passengers in frontal crashes compared to our 2016 test on the Kwid. The Tribe sets a strong baseline for the automaker, and we look at Renault We encourage you to maintain this significant progress and move forward with the goal of achieving a 5-star safety rating.”

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How many points did the car get in the test

Renault Triber scored 11.62 points out of 17 in the adult protection category. Triber scored 27 out of 49 in the child occupant protection category. The crash test results show that the Triber provides good head and neck protection to the front passengers. A dummy is used during the test. The test provides minor protection to the driver’s knee in case of any emergency. According to the report, in the event of an accident, the driver’s knee may have been injured due to the transfusion tube provided behind the dashboard. At the same time, the knees of the co-travelers get adequate protection.

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