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Renzo Zorzi 1977 Accident Video Surfaced on Internet: Crash Details Revealed as Video Goes Viral



Renzo Zorzi 1977 Accident Video Surfaced on Internet: Crash Details Revealed as Video Goes Viral

Renzo Zorzi was a renowned Formula One driver known for his unmatched, unparalleled, and impactful career. In 1974, he made his debut in F1 with Token Racing. Moreover, later he raced for Shadow Racing Cars. In 1976, Zorzi gained notable success which also included winning the non-championship Race of Champions.

Renzo Zorzi 1977 Accident Video Resurfaced on the Internet

Currently, the entire internet is full of an incident that occurred in 1977 and impacted Renzo Zorzi’s life hugely. His 1977 accident video has gone viral and he became a sensation on the internet. This incident is still remembered as a chilling testament in the entire Formula One history.

The video that has gone viral showcases unedited and raw footage that includes various dramatic events that were considered a turning point in the sport during the South African Grand Prix. Renzo Zorzi was a British-Italian driver. However, his fate had some different awful plans for him during the South African Grand Prix organized at Kyalami in 1977.


The raw and unfiltered video that is widely circulating online is providing users worldwide with an authentic glimpse of the incident.

The video showcases Zorzi’s car which is turned to dust after getting inflamed due to an issue in the metering unit. This entire incident became a terrific spectacle on the track. The footage that goes viral also reveals how numerous people tried to save Zorzi by extinguishing the fire, however, they couldn’t succeed. Some marshals also made desperate attempts, including Frederik Jansen van Vuuren, a 19-year-old man.

Renzo Zorzi Accident Details

The world of Formula One was devastated by the 1997 tragic crash that took Renzo Zorzi’s life during the South African Grand Prix. Thus, the world of sports decided to prompt some measures for the safety and security of athletes by profound reevaluation of conditions. The accident took the life of van Vuuren and gave Zorzi some fatal and deadly head injuries.


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