Report: Amid Potential Threat Analysis, UK is Set To Ban TikTok On Government Phones

While the European Commission, Belgium, Canada, and the United States, have indeed outlawed TikTok, the National Cyber Security Centre of the UK is examining whether it ought to be prohibited from government phones.

According to PA Media, Britain is planning to declare a prohibition on TikTok on official cell phones on Thursday. This action would follow similar prohibitions of the Chinese-owned video app by other Western nations due to security concerns.

Because of worries that the Chinese government could misuse user information from the TikTok application, Western security interests have come under increased scrutiny. The Tiktok application is controlled by the ByteDance, a Beijing-based company

In response to a question regarding a prospective TikTok ban, Tom Tugendhat, the security minister said previously this week it was “very vital” to comprehend the difficulties these apps provide. According to TikTok, a prohibition like that would be disappointing.

Subhashree Panda

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