Report: Bill Clinton Visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Paedophile’ Island 50+ Times

Explore Jeffrey Epstein's notorious Little St. James Island, hub of scandal, with VIP visitors—revealing dark secrets and recent developments.

Little St. James Island of Jeffrey Epstein, a Disgraced American financer, never ceases to be in the limelight for being a hub of sex trafficking. The island has been nicknamed “Little St. Jeff” by Epstein. However, other people including the locals referred to the island as, ”Paedophile Island.” Some time back, the island was bought by Stephen Deckoff, the founder of Black Diamond Capital Management.

The procurement happened after Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial that ran for decades. ABC reported that a New York City federal judge has ordered to unsealing of the documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s connections.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Supremacy

Jeffrey Epstein, who is a level three registered sex offender, hosted members of the Royal Family along with scientists and celebrities to the infamous island without much media coverage. In a criminal complaint, the attorney general of the US Virgin Islands regarded Epstein’s island, or Paedophile Island as, “the perfect hideaway and haven for trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual servitude, child abuse and sexual assault.”

As per the Independent, moreover, the complaint further adds, “Epstein and his associates could avoid detection of their illegal activity from the Virgin Islands and federal law enforcement, and prevent these young women and underage girls from leaving freely and escaping the abuse.” An ex-employee of the island, described that for Epstein, the island is like “a Zen-like retreat.”

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Who Visited The Epstein Island 50 Times?

Notable personalities like Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, former Tony Blair aide Lord Peter Mandelson, model Naomi Campbell, Victoria’s Secret magnate Les Wexner, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Chris Tucker, Nobel laureate Lawrence Krauss, and physicist Stephen Hawking, are some of the personalities who visited the paedophile island of Epstein.

As per the latest reports, Bill Clinton, the ex-US President also had allegations of visiting Epstein’s island frequently. According to ABC, in a soon-to-be-disclosed guest list, the ex-US President, Bill Clinton’s name has been mentioned reportedly over 50 times. However, until now, no evidence about Clinton’s involvement in any sort of illegal activities can be found.

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