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Report: Bloodhound Lil Jeff Passed Away In a Shooting Incident 

A video showcasing a man, allegedly Bloodhound Lil Jeff, being shot multiple times on Sunday is all over social media currently. In the wake of this, the entire rap community in Chicago paid tribute to Lil Jeff. 

Notably, the authenticity of both the video and the news of his death has not been confirmed yet. 

The video has fueled speculation. Lil Jeff’s peers along with the influential journalists paid their tributes to the Drill rapper. 

Spot News reported that, as per the initial reports, the shooting incident took place on the 6600 block of S. Rhodes Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

Reportedly, the victim was identified as Bloodhound Lil Jeff. He was later transferred to the hospital.  However, the rapper succumbed to his injuries. 

The police are yet to confirm the identity officially. Reports by police claim that the man was shot nearly 12–15 times. 

Kyle Mazza, the White House Correspondent, took to X, formerly Twitter and wrote, “The victim was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. There are no suspects in custody. Many shell casings were located at the crime scene,” wrote National Press.”

The entire social media is currently flooding with the alleged video where the 21-year-old rapper got a wound from a gunshot. Thus, he passed away. 

No Validation Yet

According to Times Now, the details of the video also mention a crime scene which involves around 45 shell casings and a crashed Hyundai Santa Fe. 

Meanwhile, numerous people went to Bloodhound Lil Jeff’s community and paid tribute to the rapper. 

An Instagram handle with his username, _lilscoom89, real name being Đâ Tweąkër also went to Instagram and shared back, to-back stories remembering the rapper, his friend. He wrote,” I love you to be with you really soon. Damn brudda, dis shii don’t feel real.”

According to certain reports, the shooting is considered a case of gang violence. Thus, the motive behind the shooting incident which led to the rappers’ death is shrouded in mystery, and is yet to be determined

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