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Report: Deepfakes and ransomware identified as imminent threats in India for 2024

Deepfakes, MFA fatigue attacks, and ransomware incidents are identified as imminent threats for 2024 in India, as per a report by Seqrite, the enterprise arm of cybersecurity provider Quick Heal. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) must adopt advanced evasion techniques to combat evolving threats effectively.

With the upcoming 2024 elections in India, phishing attacks exploiting political interests are expected. Collaborative cybersecurity efforts between public and private sectors are crucial to address supply chain vulnerabilities. Resilient strategies like regular data backups and network segmentation are recommended to mitigate ransomware threats.

Embracing emerging technologies like AI, quantum computing, and IoT is important, but understanding associated cybersecurity risks is crucial. Collaborative relationships among CISOs and security professionals can enhance organizations’ cybersecurity posture and response capabilities. Stay vigilant regarding evolving cyber regulations and compliance standards to ensure continual compliance and resilience.


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