Report: Jeff Bezos Likely To Sell the Washington Post in Order to Purchase Washington Commanders

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is most interested in selling the Washington Post to pay for the Washington Commanders football team. Bezos is attempting to clear the path for the acquisition of the Commanders from the owner Daniel Snyder, by a report by news agency ANI, quoting the New York Post.

According to the story, Bezos is in difficulty because Snyder is upset that the Washington Post exposed the team’s managerial culture and made charges of sexual misconduct. According to the article, a Bezos spokeswoman rejected that the journal was for auction.

Prospective Buyers

Last Monday, the Commanders reportedly received first-round offers from prospective purchasers. Bezos reportedly wasn’t one of them, according to the story. According to the article, given Bezos’ riches and buying power, if he makes an offer, this would be an interesting test for Synder.

The Commanders, who’ve already won three Super Bowls and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in 1983, 1988, and 1992, are allegedly viewed by possible investors as a club in a significant market that is still growing.

Jeff Bezos and Charity Game

Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post in 2013 after Donald Graham convinced him to do so to guarantee financial stability and improve online growth. The creator of Amazon is also one of the richest people in the world. The entirety of his riches would be donated throughout his lifetime, he said last year.

Bezos released a statement in a combined CNN interview with his sweetheart Lauren Sanchez. Forbes magazine predicts Bezos’s “real-time” net worth at about $124.1 billion. According to the news agency AP, the millionaire stated the pair were developing the “capacity” to give cash away but did not clarify how and to whom.

Previously, Jeff Bezos had come under fire for his refusal to sign the Giving Pledge. Giving Pledge is a movement that was initiated by Melinda French Gates, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet. However, the movement was started to influence and convince billionaires to give the majority of their revenue away to charity.

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