Reports: India’s ESG jobs Surged 223% In Past Three Years!

‘Indeed’ the American employment website stated in a study that a remarkable surge has been witnessed in the jobs related to ESG or Environmental, Social, and Governance sectors in India. This upsurge has been witnessed in the last three years. Between 2019 April and 2023 April, the ESG sector witnessed a 223% growth in India. Find your dream job.

However, despite this, a short decline of 22% was also visible the previous year, in 2022. The declining percentage indicates that sustainability became a key part of the goals of the organization. The cool-down effect is due to the pandemic. There has been a stabilization in the jobs in the ESG sector in the post-pandemic time.

Growing at 109%, the increase in the posting of Jobs could be witnessed between April 2021 and April 2022. The organization collected data on its platform by researching it with keywords like “Sustainability,” “Environmental Social Governance,” “ESG” and more.

What Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India Has To Say!

The Head of Sales for Indeed India, Sashi Kumar stated, “The growing demand for ESG professionals can be attributed to several factors, including rising consumer expectations, and the need for companies to enhance their brand reputation.”

He further added, “Employers are actively seeking individuals with expertise in sustainable practices, environmental science, conservation, corporate social responsibility, and related fields to fill these positions. Additionally, employees, especially the younger ones today place much more importance on environmental and social concerns than the previous generation.”

The Remarkable Shift

In the past three years, the upsurge is remarkably noticeable. The organization continuously prioritized sustainability efforts. Many organizations have come forward and taken the pledge to take action against issues pertaining to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. These companies are worried about the change in climate and the urge to build inclusive and diverse workforces.

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