Responsible for violence in US ‘Capitol’, has previously worked for FBI

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A man accused of leading extremists in an attack on the Capitol (parliament complex) last month in the US was allowed access to highly confidential and secure documents for decades and has previously worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The counsel for the accused gave this information on Monday.

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Officials say he is a member of the ‘Oath Keepers’ group. Thomas Poldchan, a lawyer for Thomas Caldwell, wrote in a document filed in court that Caldwell worked as the section chief at the FBI between 2009 and 2010 after retiring from the Navy. Ploughchan urged the judge that his client be released from prison during the trial.

The defense said that Caldwell is not a member of the ‘Oath Keepers’ and has been allowed to obtain highly confidential information since 1979 during which he has been part of several special investigations. The lawyer said that Caldwell also runs a company that has done many intelligence work for the US government.

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Ploughchan wrote that he has been found to be trustworthy in several investigations conducted by the US government. This is indicated by his permission for highly confidential information. The FBI has not responded to this until Monday evening. Caldwell is one of the 3 accused who were described as ‘Oath Keepers’ (conspirators group) who allegedly conspired to advance the attack on the Parliament complex. He has been under arrest since 19 January.

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