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Rickshaw Puller Viral Video: Delhi Women Sexually Harassed in Public, Netizens Call It ‘Shamelessness’

A video went viral on the internet in which a woman could be spotted touching a rickshaw puller in his private parts in the middle of a road. The rickshaw puller viral video incident has occurred in Delhi. On various social media platforms, the video of a woman touching a rickshaw puller’s private parts inappropriately is making rounds.

Rickshaw Puller Viral Video: Delhi Women Sexually Harrasses in Public, Netizens Call It 'Shamelessness'

Netizens are sharing the clip widely on different social media platforms including Reddit and X, formerly known as Twitter. The Rickshaw puller viral video was captured by a man sitting inside a car who was present at the spot where the incident occurred.

The Rickshaw Puller viral video that went viral spots the rickshawala standing still and the woman putting her head on the shoulder of the man. The women kept on inappropriately touching the private part of the rickshaw puller. The duo could be seen uttering something from their mouth. However, in the Rickshaw guy viral video, no one’s voice could be heard.

Mixed Comments on Social Media on Rickshaw Puller Viral Video

Rickshaw Puller Viral Video: Delhi Women Sexually Harrasses in Public, Netizens Call It 'Shamelessness'

The video has gone viral on various social media platforms and the netizens are slamming the woman hard. The woman is slammed for making sexual advances and inappropriately touching the rickshaw guy.

A user wrote, “But our society #feministe, #SIMPS, police and Judiciary will still blame that poor rickshaw puller. #MenToo.”

Another user wrote, “Imagine the level of outrage had it been a boy touching the private parts of a women taxi driver or a rickshaw puller. But since we have gender-biased law no one is going to bat an eye. Shame on this girl for sexually abusing this poor rickshaw vala.”

These kinds of comments kept flooding in the post as the video went viral. However, the majority of people are supporting the man and slamming the woman. Meanwhile, Indian laws are regarded as gender-biased and slammed as well.

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The comments didn’t stop, another writing, “Filth… maybe she has no money to pay the rickshaw guy or thought of payment by ‘Barter system’ of this kind. The shamelessness is shocking. Worse than po*n stars who at least are clear that it’s their profession. These hidden stars are the respectable abala naaris!”

Another user wrote on X, “Such an empowered woman. Deserve to be in parliament using reservation. She can legally bind the genitals of a man at her will. If the man resists he will be sent to jail for denying women her rights.”

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