RIP Shankanada Aravind: Veteran actor Shankanada Arvind passes away of Corona

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RIP Shankanada Aravind: About 20 celebrities in Sandalwood have been infected with Covid infection over the past few days. Two days ago, on May 2, Chandra, who made a film called Missed Call, fell victim to a corona infection. On May 1, Naveen Kumar, who claimed an action cut for the film One Day, died of coronary infection. He was only 36 years old. On April 22, senior producer Annaiah, who produced Bindas and Ranna cinemas Chandrashekhar was a victim of Covid. Vice President of the Karnataka Film Decorating Artists Association Even Srinivas had succumbed to this pestilence just days before.

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RIP Shankanada Aravind: Senior director and renowned poster designer Mastan also fell victim to Covid infection on April 21st. He has directed posters for more than two thousand films over the last four decades and directed the films like Sankarabharana, Kalleshi Malleshi and Sithara. He was 63 years old.

On January 23, Aravind’s wife, Rama, also passed away of respiratory problems.

His wife, also known as the film producer of the Kannada industry. She was suffering from shortness of breath and was being treated at MS Ramaiah Hospital. However, she passed away on April 26, without treatment. She was 53 years old. On April 18th, Dr. Krishnan, the producer of the Chemistry of Kariyappa and Compound 2 films. D S Manjunath was dead.

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