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4 Best Ritika Surya Web Series To Watch Alone



4 Best Ritika Surya Web Series To Watch Alone

Famous bold actress Ritika Surya is gaining a lot of appreciation from the public. She mostly works on bold, erotic web series and movies on OTT platforms. Listed below are some of the best Ritika Surya Web Series that should be on your watchlist. Keep scrolling-

Top 4 Ritika Surya Web Series

4. Chaalbaaz


The web series is available on Prime Play and was released on December 22, 2023. You can check out the trailer on YouTube and other social media accounts. Ritika Surya is seen in a leading role, receiving positive reviews from both critics and the audience.

3. Picture Abhi Baaki Hai 

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai 

The web series features many amazing actresses. Additionally, it includes many enticing love-making scenes, so viewer discretion is advised. Manvi Chugh and Ritika Surya will be seen together sharing the screen side by side. The series is available on Prime Play, with Parachi Lengare and Taniya Chatterji also seen in prominent roles.

2. Akalmand Junglee 

Akalmand Junglee 

The series has received favorable reviews from the public as well as critics. The story initially appears to revolve around a property dispute in a family, but as it progresses, it shifts to a passionate love affair with bold, erotic scenes. Gurmeet Kaur will be seen in a supporting role. The web series is available on Besharam, an OTT platform.

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1. Taj Divided By Blood

Taj Divided By Blood

One of the most popular web series on Zee5, it is based on the battle between Akbar and his 3 sons Daniyal, Salim, and Murad over the Mughal throne. Ritika Surya has played a crucial role in the series. The plotline is set at the time when Akbar is looking for a worthy heir to the throne. Later, things lead to an ugly battle between his sons over power.


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