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Robertita Franco’s Explicit Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Recently, social media has been buzzing about Miranda Hoyuela Escareño, also known as Roberta or Robertita Franco, due to a video that has gone viral. This video reportedly shows Robertita in a sexual situation with an unknown person. Although she is known for creating adult content on the platform OnlyFans, the authenticity of these claims about the video has not been confirmed.

Additionally, another video surfaced where Robertita is seen performing a sensual dance and showing her underwear. This has drawn more attention and sparked further discussions and speculation online.

Roberta has not commented on the situation, which has only increased the public’s curiosity and speculation.

Miranda Hoyuela Escareño, 24, hails from Monterrey, Nuevo León, and gained fame as a regular on the show “Es Show,” hosted by Ernesto Chavana. Her popularity soared after she began producing content for OnlyFans. On Instagram, where she has over 40,000 followers, Robertita frequently posts sexually explicit material.

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