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Rolls Royce launches successful flight test of aero engine Pearl 10X

Rolls-Royce Successfully Starts Flight Testing New Business Aviation Engine

Rolls-Royce has announced the commencement of the flight test campaign for its latest aero engine, the Pearl 10X, on its dedicated Boeing 747 flying testbed. The engine has been chosen by Dassault to power its new flagship aircraft, the Falcon 10X.

The Pearl 10X program is a significant milestone for Rolls-Royce as it enters the business aviation market. Pilots and flight test engineers in Tucson, Arizona will conduct tests on engine performance, handling, and more. The Pearl 10X engine has already exceeded target thrust levels in testing.

Dassault’s selection of the Pearl 10X reaffirms Rolls-Royce’s position as a leading engine manufacturer in business aviation. The engine’s development program includes testing of an ultra-low emissions ALM combustor and an accessory gearbox for higher power extraction. The Pearl 10X will be the most powerful engine in Rolls-Royce’s business aviation portfolio.

Philipp Zeller, Senior Vice President of Dassault Business Aviation at Rolls-Royce, expressed excitement for the next phase of the engine development program. The engine has undergone over 2,300 testing hours on the Advance 2 demonstrator and the Pearl 10X engine configuration. The Pearl 10X will offer a 5% higher efficiency compared to the last generation of engines.

The Pearl 10X features the Advance2 engine core, known for its efficiency and combines it with a high-performance low-pressure system, resulting in a superior thrust of more than 18,000lbf. The engine promises outstanding low noise and emissions performance, providing a market-leading combination of power and efficiency for customers and operators.


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