Roman Reigns’ Tattoos and Their Hidden Meanings – EXPLAINED

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The Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns world-renowned WWE fighter. Roman Reigns has massive tattoos from shoulder to hand depicting his Samoan heritage and beliefs. 

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns’ one of the most visible and popular tattoos was a massive ink on his shoulder. He got it when he was young living in Tampa, Florida while training in WWE’s training facility and developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling. Reigns always consider it as good luck because after he got it his career in WWE began to rise. This masterpiece was done in Florida-based Sacred Center Tattoo by Mike Fatutoa, or ‘Samoan Mike’.

Roman Reigns Tattoo

This giant body art on his shoulder was done by Mike Fatutoa, and it took them 17 long hours to complete, as Reigns stated while appearing on Corey Graves on WWE’s YouTube channel, stating, “…it was almost like a competition, like, it was just me and Mike just sitting there the whole time and so, I felt challenged.”

He further added Samoan Mike suggested getting a break for a few hours but he brushed it all off by taking just bathroom breaks. Later, Mike Fatutoa uploaded a post on Instagram after the tattoo, writing, “…true meaning lay deeply rooted in #aiga whom we draw our strength no matter what life throws at us. Thanks for always being a warrior during our long a** sessions. #Loveandrespect my uso.

Roman Reigns Tattoo Meaning

Roman Reigns have other tattoos less visible ones, he got a turtle inked on his wrist depicting his close bond with his daughter Joelle. He belongs to a Samoan culture where turtle means family, wellness, longevity, and peace. He said-  “I like it on the inside ’cause not everybody gets to see that. You get a good picture of this (referring to his outer sleeve), but if I were to let you in, you’d know why I want to be so strong, to protect what I have going on in here.”

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