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Roulette green zero sector- a light of win

The game of roulette appeared many centuries ago. There are thousands of rules, tips and life hacks from experienced players. The green zero sector is the trump card up your sleeve that can help you leave the casino with your pockets full of “green” banknotes. But here you have to be very careful!

Zero is a magic number for players. It has a special status, and the most significant amounts are placed on it most often. But even here, it is essential to follow all the rules and nuances and correctly approach the betting system. After all, with some zero-betting schemes, you get a more likely chance of getting your winnings, but the casino also has higher odds!

There are essential things to consider before betting on zero. Let’s find out!

Important! Don’t forget that each game has to consider factors such as disproportionate odds of winning and different payout ratios!


Sector zero increases the total number of sectors. In the European game, there is one green field, and in the American roulette, there is an additional double zero cell. In the massive catalog of the RajBet India, of course, there are both American and European versions of roulette.


Using the green field as an absolutely standard sector with a number is the easiest way to bet on zero. If the player bets on one playing field, then in case of victory, he receives a chance of 35 (36) to 1. The probability of winning, in this case, is 2-3%.


If you play American roulette, you can bet on five fields simultaneously: on zero, double zero, 1, 2 and 3, and then the probability of your winning is over 13%! But do not forget that the casino advantage of 7.89% is a very high figure in this case. Such a move is quite risky, but luck favours the adventurous!


Suppose you want to correctly and profitably close both sectors – regular and double zero – block two neighbouring sectors. You will win at a rate of 17 to 1, but the advantage of the casino will remain standard – about 4.1%. In this case, the player’s chances of winning increase to 5%. 

This is the best option, which increases the chance of winning using the zero sector and double zero. If you win with this strategy, you can try to repeat this bet!

Last but not least

Do not forget that if the ball stops at zero, then not only do all bets on zero win, but all gamers whose bets contain zero in combinations win too.

If you are not ready to trust green zero bets, you can always test your luck in demo mode in any of the online roulettes in licensed online casinos. Demo mode is a game where you do not place real bets but try your hand at using virtual credits.

Recently, roulette lovers most often choose the live format to experience this game’s delights with a real dealer. Thus, players feel like full-fledged participants in the gameplay and imagine they are in a land-based club.

It is also worth noting that the tactics of betting on zero are becoming more popular every day. Yes, it requires extra time for the player to learn strategy, patience and risk, but what a sweet big win!

At India’s leading online casino sites, you can find the best types of American and European roulette and try your luck!

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