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Royal Rumors on Internet: Fact Check on Middleton ‘Murdered,’ King Charles ‘Dead’, and BBC ‘Alert’

Currently, social media is flooded with a bunch of theories about the Royal Family of the United Kingdom.

Reports around the ‘BBC put on an alert,’ ‘UK flags at half-mast,’ ‘murder of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton,’ and ‘King Charles’s death’ went viral over the weekend attracting attention of people.

Times Now reported that all the above-mentioned claims were found to be untrue when a fact-check was done.

Royal Rumors No 1: Kate Middleton ‘Murdered’

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton who is often known by her maiden name, Catherine has disappeared from public presence since the beginning of 2024 when she underwent abdominal surgery.

Royal Rumors No 1: Kate Middleton 'Murdered'

In the wake of this, the place stated it would not be possible for Kate Middleton to contribute to the Royal duties by late March.

Social media is flooding with the theory that Kate Middleton has passed away.

Netizens over the weekend claimed that Kate Middleton has been “murdered.”

This is an example of another revolving baseless rumor on the internet, according to MSN. The 42-year-old princess was recently spotted in an event cheering for her children near her residence.

The Times, a UK Newspaper, reported on Saturday that Kate Middleton is very likely to address at a public event regarding her health updates.

Royal Rumors No. 2: King Charles’ ‘Death’

The Buckingham Palace, on Monday, declined to reports that state that King Charles III had passed away.

Earlier, media outlets in Russia reported that the Royal Family is about to make an ‘announcement’ regarding the alleged tragedy.

According to The Mirror, the Russian reports stated a false statement on March 18 that read, “The following announcement is made by royal communications. The King passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon.”

Further, Russian media added that the 75-year-old King Charles passed away on March 18 after undergoing surgery for cancer. Later, the report was debunked by the Buckingham Palace.

Furthermore, the British Embassy in Ukraine released an official statement that stated the 75-year-old monarch is fine and very much alive.

Allegedly, the palace also told TASS, the Russian state-run news agency, “We are happy to confirm that The King is continuing with official and private business.”

The 72-year-old King Charles is set to attend his birthday celebrations officially on June 15.

Royal Rumors No. 3 BBC ‘Alert’

Social media is flooded with various theories on the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. Netizens claim that the news agency BBC has been asked to be on ”high alert” for the announcements made by the Royal Family.

Tracker Deep

Until now, the BBC has not issued any updates on the alleged alert.

Microblogging Platform X, formerly Twitter claimed and fact-checked that, the logo of BBC had gone back, reported Mint.

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