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Royalty steps down from Pratapgarh LS seat, clearing the path for ‘commoners’

In Pratapgarh, a district in Uttar Pradesh, known for its royal political history, former royal families have held power for decades. However, with key figures like Ratna Singh and Raja Bhaiyya stepping back, the constituency is now open to ‘commoners’. The upcoming Lok Sabha elections on May 25 will see a shift in dynamics.

Former royals like Dinesh Singh and Ajit Pratap Singh have had a stronghold on the Pratapgarh constituency, representing it multiple times. However, with their absence in the political scene, new players are emerging in the race for the seat.

Ratna Singh, who switched from Congress to BJP but faced defeat in recent elections, and Raja Bhaiyya, who has not shown interest in a Lok Sabha run, are among the prominent figures who have shaped Pratapgarh’s political landscape. With their withdrawal, the constituency is witnessing a shift towards a more diverse representation.

The upcoming elections will see BJP’s Sangam Lal Gupta and SP’s Dr SP Singh Patel as key contenders for the seat. While Gupta won in 2019, Patel is eyeing the Kurmi vote bank in the region. The BSP is yet to announce its candidate, adding to the suspense surrounding the political scenario in Pratapgarh.

With major political parties strategizing to secure a win in Pratapgarh, the constituency’s fate hangs in balance as ‘commoners’ seek to challenge the dominance of erstwhile royal families in shaping its political narrative. The upcoming polls will be crucial in determining the district’s future direction in politics.


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