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RRB NTPC Result: Why #rrbntpc_scam is trending on Twitter? Everything you need to know

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After a long wait, RRB NTPC CBT-1 Result was released on Sunday. The candidates are expressing their anger by tweeting on Twitter with the hashtag #RRB_NTPC_Scam. The anger of the candidates can be gauged from the fact that till now more than 20 lakh people have captioned #RRBNTPC_Scam.

Actually, students are alleging that there has been corruption in releasing the RRB NTPC Result.

Candidates say that the Railway Recruitment Board had said in its recruitment advertisement that CBT-1 will be a one-way eligibility test and from this, about 20% of candidates will be shortlisted for CBT-2. But only 4-5% of the candidates have been shortlisted.

Candidates have alleged Railway Recruitment Board by saying that some students have been selected for more than one post.

In such a situation, if these candidates choose the post of their choice, then many posts will remain unvacant.

Also, other students will not be selected. Due to this, the candidates have demanded to revise the exam result.

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How did the Railways respond?

It has been said in this that the process of shortlisting candidates for CBT-2 i.e. second stage computer-based examination has been given in detail in Para 13 of the original notification i.e. CEN 01/2019 notification. The Railway Board said, out of these, six were for graduation. These 13 categories were divided into 05 groups on the basis of 7th CPC pay scale levels. And the step-wise process of recruitment for each category has already been clearly indicated in para 13.6 of CEN.

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