‘Run BTS’ Teaser Release: Fans Get Excited By This Update

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BTS, Our most favorite boy band is on hiatus right now. That did make us sad and heartbroken, but the fact that they are continuing to entertain us with our venture like their packed with entertainment show. They recently released the newest trailer of the show and it seems like nothing really changed.

Surprisingly, a new music video welcomes fans, and as we’re sure majority of them should have anticipated, it’s BTS’ single “Run BTS,” off their greatest recent album “Proof.” The supporters are greeted in the chicest manner imaginable in their most recent images from the homecoming.

Next week, “Run BTS,” our beloved novelty programme featuring the entertaining musicians of BTS RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, will return. The group reappears on August 16 with their mayhem following a 10-month hiatus.

The preview for the special episode has already been made public in a preview video that was released in advance of the broadcast. The seven members of the team make a triumphant return in the edition, dubbed “Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – Telepathy Part 0.” The septet can be seen celebrating the momentous day at the beginning of the preview by celebrating with what purports to be prosecco and chanting forth their famous catchphrase, “Run BTS,” in grand manner.

The squad then plays a humorous clairvoyance exercise where they are assessed on their interpersonal understanding. They identify as “one body and soul” at first, but when more information becomes available, they quickly become perplexed. After putting their recollections to the test and sorting through more than a season’s worth of stuff, they regretfully concede that they aren’t very proficient at the sport. With their eyes covered and only each other to lead them on the way, they are shortly taken to a new site.

‘Run BTS’ Teaser Release Video

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