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Rupa Tirkey Suicide Case: SI Kanaujia arrested in Sahibganj Women’s Police In-Charge Suicide Case #justice_for_rupa_tirkey

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Rupa Tirkey Suicide Case: The Sahibganj police have almost disclosed the famous Sahibganj Mahila Police Station in Incharge Rupa Tirkey Suicide Case. Rupa committed suicide by harassing Sub Inspector SK Kanaujia, posted in the Chaibasa police force. After getting evidence of this, the police have taken SK Kanaujia into custody. However, the Sahibganj police is still silent on the issue of SK Kanaujia’ss detention. The matter is related to the police department. Therefore, Sahibganj police is taking every step ahead with complete preparation. The police can announce the arrest of SK Kanaujia Today (Monday). He can be presented in court. After this, the police will interrogate Kanaujia on remand.

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Kanaujia used to do blackmail in Rupa Tirkey

During the investigation, police have found several audio and videos. There are some pictures with this as well. It has Rupa and Kanaujia side by side. Kanaujia made a video of private moments with Rupa by pretending to be love and started blackmailing her. He wants Rupa to buy land from Ranchi in the name of Adivasi. Used to ask for money also. While Rupa wanted him to marry her. In Audio’s Kanuajia heard to be abusing Rupa’s Mother and Sister. Kanaujia behaved like a very cruel criminal. On the video call, Rupa was asked to pose naked. Being upset by this, Rupa can be heard saying – I kill myself. You will not be of any use. The WhatsApp chat just before the suicide has also been handed over to the police.

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