Russia claims Moscow terror attack suspects planned to escape to Kiev for a reward

The Russian Investigative Committee revealed that terrorists involved in the Moscow concert hall attack were planning to cross into Ukraine to claim their reward. According to the committee, a coordinator instructed the terrorists to head towards the Russian-Ukrainian border after the attack to reach Kiev for their promised reward. A man using a pseudonym facilitated the terrorists’ actions through audio messages on Telegram. Additionally, a ninth suspect connected to the attack was arrested on Friday.

The Russian Investigative Committee announced on Friday that evidence had been uncovered indicating that the terrorists responsible for the Moscow concert hall attack had intentions to travel to Ukraine to receive their reward. The coordinator’s instructions led the attackers to head towards the Russian-Ukrainian border in order to cross into Ukraine and reach Kiev for their promised compensation.

The committee disclosed that a man operating under a pseudonym played a crucial role in coordinating the terrorists’ actions during both the planning and execution stages of the attack. Through audio messages distributed on Telegram, this individual provided guidance to the attackers. Furthermore, a ninth suspect associated with the concert hall attack was apprehended on Friday, as per the committee’s statement.

The Russian Investigative Committee’s findings shed light on the intricate planning and execution of the Moscow concert hall attack, revealing a coordinated effort involving multiple individuals. The revelation that the terrorists aimed to cross into Ukraine to claim their reward adds a new dimension to the investigation. With a ninth suspect now in custody, authorities continue to probe the circumstances surrounding the attack and the motives behind the perpetrators’ actions.


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