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Rythu Bandhu 2021 Telangana: Distribution of Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana from today. Highest, Rs 608.81 crore to Nalgonda district

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Rythu Bandhu 2021 Telangana: The Telangana state government is all set to provide ambitious Rythu Bandhu Scheme to the people of Telangana from Tuesday. The money will be deposited in the bank accounts of 63.25 lakh farmers across 50 lakh 18 thousand acres across the state. To this end, the CCLA has also provided the list with details of farmers and lands to the Department of Agriculture. According to the list, the government will deposit Rs 7508.78 crore in the accounts of 63 lakh 25 thousand 695 farmers under Rythu Bandhu scheme 2021 Telangana. It is learned that in the 2021–22 budget, Rs 14,800 crore has been earmarked for farmer bonding during the monsoon and Yasangi seasons. Out of these funds, the Finance Ministry has sanctioned Rs.7508.78 crore for monsoon assistance. Funds will be transferred daily to farmers’ bank accounts through the National Portal.

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However, the government has decided to give preference to farmers with less than an acre in the funds released on the first day. Funds will be credited to the accounts of all eligible farmers till the 25th of this month, increasing by one acre from the next day. Also, with the resolution of Part-B and the joining of Part-A, another 66,311 acres were newly acquired with the help of farmer relatives.

Also, Nalgonda is the district with the highest number of farmer relatives receiving assistance. 4,72,983 farmers in the district will receive farmer bond. They own 12.18 lakh acres. However, the highest amount of Rs 608.81 crore was released to farmers in Nalgonda district. During the monsoon season, Medchal Malkajgiri was at the bottom with a minimum of Rs 38.39 crore in farmer bond funds. While 39,762 farmers in the district are eligible, only 77,000 acres are in their possession. Officials also said that issues related to Aadhaar affiliation, NRI cases, agency land issues, complaints received, inheritance transfer without pass books, court cases and pending mutations were also being addressed.

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