Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, SAGY Government Scheme Objectives, Goals And Ambitions

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Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana: PM Narendra Modi introduced SAGY, also known as ‘Saanjhi,’ there under the Indian government on October 11, 2014. SAGY is an area development system that focuses on the communities’ development and prosperity. By the year 2019, each representative of the legislature is accountable for creating the organizational and necessary infrastructure in three communities. The Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana was formed to develop three communities by 2019, and then five Adarsh Grams by 2024. It also strives to achieve goals other than building infrastructure, such as the construction of numerous model towns.

Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana’s (SAGY) Objectives

SAGY’s key goals are as follows:

  • To initiate steps that contribute to the capacity building of the Gram Panchayats selected.
  • Increasing the decent quality of life of existence of all segments of the community through increasing basic utilities, increasing human evolution, improving efficiency, minimising inequities, and enhancing social value.
  • To stimulate and inspire surrounding Gram Panchayati raj institutions to adapt, developing models of local and state-level growth and efficient local control.
  • To transform the designated Adarsh Grams into local development schools that can train additional Local Government areas.

SAGY would use the following strategy to attain these goals:

  • Using Members of Parliament’s (MPs) guidance, capacity, dedication, and enthusiasm to establish model Local Government areas.
  • Community engagement and mobilisation for participative development work.
  • Bringing together numerous government projects, as well as voluntary and private initiatives, to create overall growth and development that is in line with people’s goals and local capabilities.
  • Developing collaborations with non-profits, cooperatives, and research and academic institutes.
  • Concentrating on achievements and long-term viability.

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Ambitions And Goals

  • Personal growth: Keeping the settlements clean and developing the village folk’s culture and heritage, changes in behaviour, and personal beliefs.
  • Village awareness and public security are key components of human growth. It also intends to improve the hamlet residents’ nutrition and health.
  • To watch after the communities’ economic growth.
  • To implement community welfare programs that promote volunteerism, social fairness, and better governance.

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