Saiyami advocates for safer cycling infrastructure in Mumbai, citing increase in accidents

In Mumbai, actress Saiyami Kher expresses concerns over cyclist safety in light of city development projects. She points out challenges faced due to road narrowing caused by infrastructure work, increasing accidents and unsafe conditions for cyclists.

Saiyami highlights the dangers posed by the ongoing construction of metro tracks, flyovers, and coastal roads, leaving cyclists with limited space to ride safely. She emphasizes the need for infrastructure that supports open-air fitness options like cycling, especially in a city like Mumbai.

Addressing the issue, Saiyami states, “There’s been an increasing number of cyclists facing accidents and unsafe environments,” pointing out the inconvenience and tragic consequences of the current conditions. She calls for authorities to take action to ensure the safety of cyclists and improve the overall fitness environment in the city.

Drawing from her own experience as a cyclist, Saiyami stresses the importance of wearing safety gear and taking precautions while cycling. She urges the authorities to create a conducive environment for outdoor fitness activities, highlighting the current hazards faced by cyclists in Mumbai amid the ongoing infrastructure development projects.


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