Salman Khan Horoscope: A Detailed Kundli Analysis to Find Out What Made Him ‘Blockbuster Khan’

Salman Khan Horoscope or Kundli Analysis: Salman Khan, the Dabangg of Bollywood and fondly called “Bhai Jaan” by the fans, needs no introduction as the superstar comes among the prominent names of Bollywood and Indian Cinema. Be it Radhe Mohan in “Tere Naam”, Bajrangi in “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, Police Inspector Chulbul Pandey in “Dabangg” or the RAW agent Tiger in “Tiger Zinda Hai”, fans have always loved Salman Khan for his performances.

If you are a die-hard fan of Mr, Salman Khan and interested in knowing What are the astrological factors which made Salman Khan so successful, then read on the article to last. Here I (Astrologer Yogendra, Founder Astrologer Yogendra Pvt Ltd) will give you answers to all your questions by doing a detailed horoscope or Kundli analysis of Salman Khan a.k.a Bhaijaan.

Salman Khan Horoscope or Kundli Analysis: DOB, Time, Place, And Zodiac Sign

  • Date of Birth: December 27, 1965
  • Time: 02:30 PM.
  • Place: Indore
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Salman Khan Birth Chart

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Salman Khan Horoscope or Kundli Analysis: Auspicious Kundali Yogas and Conjunctions

Moon sign Aquarius: According to the birth chart prepared by the information of his DOB, Time and Place, the moon sign of Salman Khan is Aquarius, whose natives are considered to be the most beautiful of all 12 zodiac signs. Let us tell you, Salman was ranked 7th in best-looking man in the World and the best looking man in India by People magazine, the U.S. in 2004.

Jupiter in the 3rd house: Jupiter or Guru is seated in the 3rd house of Salman’s horoscope, which shows benefit from brothers.

Mercury in the 8th house: Mercury is situated in the 8th house of Salman’s horoscope, which is a witness to his long life and wealth. However, the placement of Mercury in the 8th house also causes frequent failures in love affairs, which we all know happened with Salman. Mercury in the 8th house also indicates excellent conversational skills, such as dialogue delivery. The success of shows like Bigg Boss and Dus Ka Dum are the best examples of this.

Venus in the 10th House: Venus sitting in the 10th house of Salman’s horoscope indicates his birth in a prosperous house.

Rahu in the 2nd house: Salman’s life has been full of fame as well as controversies, be it the case of blackbuck hunting or his feud with Vivek Oberoi. Rahu sitting in the second house of his horoscope also shows the same.

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