Sarah Hyland Birthday: Modern Family Star’s 7 Hot outfits

Most of us can agree to the fact that Hailey Dunphy played by Sarah Hyland was probably the most relatable character in the series, “Modern Family”. The way she nonchalantly accepted her fate and knew her way out of the difficult situation with her not-so-difficult judgment and by managing fashion emergencies, she had it all!

American performer and musician Sarah Hyland. Her modest appearances in the movies like, “Private Parts”, “Annie”, and “Blind Date” followed her attendance at the Professional Performing Arts School, where she was born in Manhattan.

She gained widespread recognition for her role as Haley Dunphy in the American sitcom “Modern Family”, for which she is better remembered. Sarah Hyland was born on November 24, 1990, and this year on her birthday she is turning 32.

Sarah Hyland Bo*ld And Hot Outfits:

1. Barely There

Here Sarah Hyland is wearing a drop-dead gorgeous bikini and a coverall with it. And boy the outfit is beyond the sexy meter.

2. These Days

Another picture of her in a bikini bringing in the fashion life on the beach!

3. Been A While

This is from her wedding day. Though this is not her official wedding dress, undoubtedly this does look very vintage and classy.

4. Martini

Remember the shot you take which gets to you the high you’ve been wanting the whole night? This is the outfit version of the drink and Sarah Hyland is acing it.

5. Casuals

Like Hailey in the show, she knows how to tune up a casual outfit in real life as well. Just like Sarah Hyland did it here effortlessly.

6. Mood Vacay

For this outfit, Sarah Hyland is wearing a bikini but with a little longer from the bottoms. That added some essence to the outfit in general though.

7. Victoria’s Secrets

Of course, she looks like an actual VS model here with the aesthetic and the dress! Duh.

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