SBI results are impressive even in Corona period, the countries largest bank has a profit of ₹6450 Crores

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SBI Results Q4: The Q4 results of the country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) have been released today. The bank’s net profit for the quarter stood at 6450.70 crores. Net interest income has been Rs 27067 crore. The bank had a net profit of Rs 3581 crore in the March 2020 quarter. The gross NPA of the bank stood at 1.26 lakh crore for the quarter. It was 1.34 lakh crore in the December quarter. It declined by 6 percent on a quarterly basis.

The bank’s net NPA stood at Rs 36810 crore in the March quarter against Rs 42797 crore in the December quarter. There has been a steep fall of 14 percent in this. The bank’s gross NPAs were 4.98 percent and net NPAs 1.50 percent for the quarter. In the December quarter, gross NPA was 5.44 percent while net NPA was 1.81 percent.

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