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SC requests EC to acknowledge ‘Man Blowing Turha’ symbol for NCP – Sharadchandra Pawar




SC asks EC to recognise 'Man Blowing Turha' symbol for NCP-Sharadchandra Pawar

In an interim direction, the Supreme Court has asked the Election Commission of India to recognize the “Man Blowing Turha” symbol of the NCP-SP for the upcoming Lok Sabha and state Assembly polls, as the allocation of the symbol is sub-judice. The bench, headed by Justice Surya Kant, also demanded Ajit Pawar’s party issue public notices in three languages, asserting that the use of the ‘clock’ symbol is pending court proceedings.

The Supreme Court has expressed concern over Ajit Pawar’s faction using Sharad Pawar’s name and photo for political advantage. It demanded an unconditional undertaking that Ajit would not use Sharad’s name either directly or indirectly. The EC and Maharashtra Speaker have recognized the NCP breakaway faction led by Ajit Pawar as the rightful owners of the party founded by Sharad Pawar 25 years ago, allotting them the name and ‘clock’ symbol.

The bench, including Justice K.V. Viswanathan, has ordered Ajit Pawar’s side to refrain from using Sharad Pawar’s photographs not only in Maharashtra but also in other states. The Supreme Court emphasized the importance of Ajit Pawar using his own identity for political purposes rather than leveraging the reputation of Sharad Pawar for personal gains. The court’s decision aims to ensure fair play and adherence to electoral regulations in the upcoming polls.


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