Scottish Man Who Uploaded Viral White-Gold Dress Sparking A Huge Debate Admits He Tried To Strangle Wife

In 2015, a white/gold-blue/black dress went viral, and it attracted the attention of many celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

However, the man behind the viral dress, in a shocking turn of events, recently admitted that he had tried to strangle his wife.

Eight years ago, a Scottish man, Keir Johnston, uploaded a video of a white-gold dress worn by his mother-in-law at his wedding.

The man uploaded the video on social media, and a huge debate started about the color of the dress.

While some thought it was “black and blue,” others thought it was “gold and white.”

Fast forward to the present, the same man has admitted to endangering his wife’s life and attempting to strangle her.

Keir Johnston appeared at the High Court in Glasgow on Thursday and pleaded guilty to carrying out a terrifying assault on his wife, Grace Johnston, that left her “fearing for her life” but alive.

Johnston, from the Isle of Colonsay, off the west coast of Scotland, will remain in custody until his sentence is scheduled for June 6.

The debate over the color of the dress spawned a lengthy discussion with thousands of comments, which also included celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

Kim even posted that she was involved in an argument with her ex-husband Kanye West about the color of the dress.

At that time, Ellen DeGeneres had invited the Johnston couple on her talk show, and they were given $10,000 and a trip to Grenada.

This week, the Scottish court is hearing the case and learned that Johnston’s wife had left him fearing for her life.

Johnston had a history of physically abusing his wife.

The prosecution for the Crown, Chris Macintosh, revealed to Lady Drummond and the court how Grace remained in constant fear of being physically abused by her husband, and worse, there was no permanent police presence on the island.

Chris added that Grace felt trapped in her situation.

The court also heard how Johnston did not allow Grace to attend a job interview on the mainland, and a few days later, he told Grace that he was leaving.

This led to an ugly spat, and Johnston grabbed his wife, threw her to the ground, and started strangling her.

Johnston’s attorney said that the defendant accepted his responsibility for the assault.

Lady Drummond denied Johnston bail and placed him in custody.

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