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WATCH VIDEO: NFL Star Sean Murphy-Bunting Carries Intoxicated Bobbi Althoff from Bar; Fans Express Concern for Her Children

Bobbi Althoff is going through a lot of stress in her life, especially after her separation from her husband, Cory. Recently, she was seen heavily drunk at the Barstool Sports Bar, and NFL star Sean Murphy-Bunting came to her rescue and carried her home. This has left Bobbi’s fans worried, especially for her kids.

NFL Star Sean Murphy-Bunting Helps Intoxicated Bobbi Althoff

Bobbi Althoff was in Nashville this weekend when she was filmed in a highly intoxicated state at the Barstool Sports Bar by TMZ. The American podcaster was seen in the company of NFL star Sean Murphy-Bunting.

Bobbi later introduced Sean Murphy-Bunting as a very good friend in one of her Instagram stories.

Althoff wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday:

‘Last night was scary, but thankful for having good friends in my life like @seanmurphybunting for looking out for me.’

The video clearly showed Althoff in an inebriated state on Sunday night.

Althoff had earlier posted a series of photographs on her Instagram story, sharing how she is enjoying her time.

It seems that Althoff’s Nashville vacation was full of fun as she partied all night with Murphy-Bunting.

The player also ensured that Althoff reached home safely after the hangover.

The video of the episode soon went viral, and fans started showing concern for her children while also criticizing Althoff for her careless behavior.

One fan commented,

“Doesn’t she have kids? Who’s looking after them? lmao she’s wild.”

Another wrote,

“Her ex-husband crying and taking care of the kids.”

Another fan added,

“Soon as Bobbi left her husband, she went from a housewife to a groupie.”

Bobbi Althoff recently got divorced from her husband, Cory, who is the senior vice president of software development programs at CompTIA. The couple had filed for divorce earlier this year and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.

The couple married on January 31, 2020, and shares two daughters. The couple officially separated on July 4, 2023, and the news was confirmed by Althoff through her Instagram post.

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