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Secret British-era tunnel found in Delhi Legislative Assembly, connects to Red Fort

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The tunnel used to hang the great revolutionaries whose blood turned red in the freedom struggle has been found in the Delhi Legislative Assembly. The length of the tunnel is believed to be about seven kilometres, which goes from Delhi Legislative Assembly to the Red Fort. There is evidence in history that the present Delhi Legislative Assembly building was used by the British as a court during the last days of the freedom struggle. Its time is believed to be from 1926-27 to 1947 before independence.

Delhi legislative Assembly to lal Kila Tunnel

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In the assembly building where the house is currently held. There the British court was held and the revolutionaries were punished. At that time the freedom fighters were kept imprisoned in the Red Fort and were brought here from the Red Fort through this tunnel. At that time, the hanging house was built on the backside of the main building of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Where the revolutionaries were hanged.

Delhi legislative Assembly Tunnel

Ram Niwas Goel, Member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, says that when he became an MLA in 1993, he heard from the staff of the Assembly that the revolutionaries’ court used to run here. Went to Haryana to attend a program sometime back. There, former MLA Kiran Chaudhary was found. He told me about this during the discussion. After coming back from there, information was taken from the staff and a search was done, then this tunnel was found in the Assembly House.

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According to Goel, a member of the Delhi Assembly, the tunnel will be preserved. It will be fixed. The plan is to open it and the hanging house to the public on 26 January and 15 August. At present, it will be opened for special persons and media on 23 March Sacrifice Day. On the same day, statues of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev will be installed in the Legislative Council.

Delhi Legislative Assembly

The width and height of the tunnel is such that many people can stand upright and move at the same time. A gate has been found at the end of the tunnel. A place has been found before the gate, where many people can stay together. The tunnel is made of pucca bricks and has plaster on top.

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