Secret painting hacks to get a super-smooth wall finish

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Painting hacks are often not secrets but somehow they have always been ignored. And, what you get with your painting job are brush marks on the wall, uneven strokes, bumpy surfaces, and an overall unclean look.

Check out these amazing painting tips and tricks to make sure that you get a silky-smooth wall finish. A smooth wall finish gives a clean look and also enhances the colour of the wall. Get the right smoothness is very important with high gloss paints and enamel paints. These tips can be used for both concrete and wooden surfaces.

Clean and prep the surface

The first step of applying paint on any surface is to clean it well. For painting interiors, you must clean the entire room thoroughly. Cover all the furniture and electrical sockets with masking tape and newspapers. There should not be any dust or dirt. Sand off the previous paint if it has been peeling off. Make it smooth and clear out any deformations. 

Prepping the surface can be a time-taking process. This is the time when you clean as well as inspect the entire area for irregularities. Accordingly, you can use fillers and putty to even out undulations after sanding. 

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Apply primer and sand the surface again

Once you have cleaned the surface to your best capacity, it’s time for priming. This is a very important step for all types of surfaces. Priming makes the surface ready for new paint application with ease. The paint becomes easier to apply and it also becomes long-lasting. Get a high-quality oil-based primer that hardens up well. Now, you can use find sanding sponges to make the surface smoother. There are no two ways about it- a smooth surface will get you a smooth painting job.

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Getting the right paint finish

There are a variety of paint finishes available in the market and each of them has its own properties. If you want a super-smooth surface for your wooden cabinets or your living room accent wall, you must go for a high-gloss finish. Invest in high-quality because it will certainly reflect (literally and figuratively) on the beauty of your walls. 

Enamel paint is a great option that gives a very hard, smooth finish. There are multiple options in oil-based and water-based paints. Choose wisely.

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Try additives

Painting additives can be used to help the painting process and make your work more detailed. Various types of additives are available including emulsifiers, deformers, anti-setting agents, etc. You can try something to stop your paint from drying up too fast. Depending on the type of paint you use, certain paints do have a tendency to dry up faster than others. This prevents you from getting a smooth surface because the paint doesn’t spread out properly.

Using the right painting tools

Get a wool-blend roller for a smooth painting. Always keep it half loaded while painting to avoid dryness. You can take a few brushes for the edges and tricky areas. Use masking tape to cover the plug points and edges. Textures and stencils would also require specific tools that you must have handy. Also, keep cloth rags and cleaners in case the paint spills off or if there are droplets on unwanted surfaces. Getting the right toolkit will save you a lot of hassles while painting. 

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Once done, let it be

Let the paint dry peacefully after each layer. If there is a single coating, just let the paint be put and don’t try to add anything else to it. Leave it undisturbed for as long as possible to dry up perfectly. For double coating, wait after each layer. Even if there are small undulations that you may notice, they eventually smooth out in the drying process.  So don’t try to work it up or you will just make it worse.

Painting is a long, patient process. One has to be very careful while each step. Cleanliness and hygiene must be maintained at all times. You must clean your brushes carefully after completing the process. We hope all these trips and techniques will help you understand how to achieve a super-smooth painted surface. Now, go ahead and revamp your walls. 

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