Secretary Part 2 web series on Ullu- Watch how the boss becomes too desperate for his secretary

Secretary Part 2 web series- Ullu app is one of the most popular OTT platforms. When it comes to bold erotic web series, no one can match the ullu’s web content. The subscription-based platform allows you to explore a wide of content in any genre.  With just one click, users can have endless options to enjoy. Lately, with the rise of web content, audiences love to enjoy the latest movies and web series in their own home than go out. With that said, today we are gonna be diving into ullu’s latest web series- Secretary Part 2. Make sure you are 18+ once you start watching it as it contains a lot of bold scenes. Keep scrolling-

The plotline of Secretary Part 2 web series

The story picks up where Part 1 ended. It revolves around a sexual relationship between a secretary and a boss. In Part 2 the husband finds out about this and asks his wife to leave the job and sit at home. Distraught she gives her resignation in the office which her boss declines. He offers her a salary hike which she declines respectfully. The boss is desperate for her and does everything in his power to make her stay. With no options left, she invites her to his house for one last time. Now it is up to the girl whether she goes or declines and remains faithful to her husband. Watch the web series on the ullu app to know what happens next.

The cast of the web series

Actress Payal Patil has been cast in the leading role. Besides her, Prince and Ali Sheikha will be seen in the supporting role. All of them have received a lot of appreciation for their performance in the web series. 

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