Selmon Bhoi Game: Court bans Selmon Bhoi Game, based on Salman Khan’s hit and run case

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A Mumbai court has temporarily banned the online mobile game ‘Selmon Bhoi’ allegedly based on Bollywood actor Salman Khan. The court stayed the game saying it tarnishes the image of Salman Khan. Significantly, in this game, an incident of Salman Khan’s ‘Hit and Run’ and a blackbuck was allegedly recreated.

According to Salman, incidents like ‘hit and run’ and ‘black buck’ related to him were recreated in the Selmon Bhoi game. According to the court, the game damages Salman’s privacy and his image. At the same time, the court prohibited the game maker Parody Studios Pvt Ltd and its directors from disseminating, launching or relaunching and reproducing any content related to the game and court. Along with this, the court has also directed the makers to immediately remove the game from other platforms including Google Play Store.

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A few days back, Salman Khan and his legal team had filed a case against Parody Studios regarding this game. It was said in the complaint that neither Salman Khan nor his family permission was taken for this game.

Apart from the game company, there has also been a case against Google LLC and Google India Private Limited regarding this matter. This game is based on Salman’s Hit and Run and Blackbuck. The cartoon image of Salman Khan has been used in the people of the game. Speaking of the game, there are three stages in it. In the first phase, Salmon Bhoi kills a deer and a human-like character in a park.

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