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Semi-finals showcase shining performances from Haryana and Delhi boxers at Sub Jr Nationals




Sub Jr Nationals: Haryana, Delhi boxers shine in semifinals

In the 3rd Sub Junior National Championship, Haryana and Delhi boxers dominate, with 16 Haryana boxers and 6 Delhi boxers reaching the finals. Uday Singh from Haryana leads the pack with a 5-0 win in the boys’ 37kg category. Other Haryana boxers and Delhi boxers also secure victories in their semi-finals bouts.
Haryana’s Uday Singh shines as he defeats Chhattisgarh’s Giraansh 5-0 in the boys’ 37kg semi-finals. Along with Uday, 15 more Haryana boxers enter the finals, with 8 in each boys and girls category. For boys, names like Nitin, Sanchit Jayani, and Ravi Sihag make it to the finals, while girls like Bhoomi and Nischal Sharma secure their spot as well.
Delhi’s Ahaana Sharma and Yashika shine in the girls’ section with impressive 5-0 wins. Siya and Akshita Negi also secure victories with split decisions. In the boys’ category, Aryan Choudhary and Aryaveer make it to the finals with contrasting wins. Uttarakhand and Maharashtra boxers also showcase their skills, with Aditya Mehra and Samiksha Singh leading the charge.
Maharashtra dominates in the girls’ category, with all winners hailing from the state. Gargi Raut and Trushna Mohite secure wins via RSC decisions, while Shanaya defeats her opponent 5-0. Boxers from Mizoram, Manipur, and Tamil Nadu also showcase their talent and make their way into the finals with impressive performances.

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