Sex Offender Shuffle- Ever heard of this song? Read to know more

Sex Offender Shuffle– Back in the 80s in the state of Florida, the police authority decided it would be a great idea to reveal the identity of all the sex offenders in the area. A common practice that is being done around the globe, although what isn’t common is sex offenders are being disclosed through a song. They all had to disclose the crime they have done and dance making the form “The Sex Offender Shuffle”.

Sex Offender Shuffle- What’s the reason behind this

Basically, it is a parody of a hit music video named “The Superbowl Shuffle” where the players from the Chicago Bears performed in 1985. It features the players in a fun comedic way, generating millions of views and love around the globe. It got to a point where the song reached the  Billboard Top 100. Till now it works as a fun and jovial moment to enjoy as the Bears won the  Superbowl XX by 46-10 against New England Patriots in 1985.

Coming back to  “Sex Offender Shuffle” it was originally created by Comedian Scott Gairdner. Back in the day, not many were aware of the original “Superbowl Shuffle”. “Sex Offender Shuffle” was initially thought to be the real and original thing. It was Scott who perpetuated the rumours around the country by answering questions on social media platforms. 

Those who don’t know, those who are convicted as sex offenders must register themselves once a year. Meaning the person had to go to the police department’s registration office and update the police with the personal details and show their address proof. If they have a new place then re-register it in the next 3 days. If they have taken an admission in a school then also update the police department too. Even if they are changing jobs then update your information in the department. 

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