Shaheed Diwas 2023 Hindi and Marathi Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Images, Messages, Shayari, Posters, Slogans to Share

January 30 is Martyrs’ Day, also recognized as Shaheed Diwas, and is observed by people throughout India. The nation’s citizens honor all the freedom warriors who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the attainment of independence in India on this day.

Why Is It Celebrated?

The assassination of Gandhi by Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948, was accompanied by a widespread outpouring of mourning that was unprecedented. A tragic day in the course of India’s fight for independence occurred on this day. Every year on January 30, Martyrs’ Day is marked to honor Mahatma Gandhi’s contributions to the Country and his efforts made during the struggle for independence.

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Gandhiji was fatally murdered by a young man named Nathuram Godse on the night of January 30 at his regular prayer meeting. Gandhi was assassinated by Godse since he opposed Gandhiji’s belief that Muslims and Hindus should coexist together.

The day honors Mahatma Gandhi’s commitment to the nation’s freedom. The renowned Quit India, non-cooperation, and several other initiatives were all initiated by the Father of the Country. The fundamental objective of the time was to liberate the country from British domination with no blood being spilled.

Honour Martyrs Day 2023 using these best Hindi and Marathi slogans, quotes, wishes, greetings, images, posters, messages, and shayari.

Best Hindi and Marathi Shaheed Diwas 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Slogans, Images, Posters, Messages, and Shayari

Shaheed Diwas

“Let us all be brave enough to die the death of a martyr, but let no one lust for martyrdom”

Shaheed Diwas 2023

“Oh, Lord! Grant me a hundred births in India. But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up my life in the service of the Motherland”

Shaheed Diwas Quotes

The martyr sacrifices themselves entirely in vain. Or rather not in vain; for they make the selfish more selfish, the lazy more lazy, the narrow narrower.

Shaheed Diwas Images

Martyrdom is a price one pays to ensure freedom for coming generations. Salute to all martyrs who ensured our freedom by sacrificing their lives.

Shaheed Diwas Messages

The martyr cannot be dishonoured. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode.

Shaheed Diwas Quotes in Hindi

On the occasion of Shaheed Diwas, let us come together and celebrate the courage with which our soldiers lived their lives. Happy Martyrs Day.

Shaheed Diwas Wishes in Hindi

Martyrdom is a price one pays to ensure freedom for coming generations. Salute to all martyrs who ensured our freedom by sacrificing their lives.

Shaheed Diwas Images in Hindi

Happy Martyrs’ Day. We bow to the brave souls which will always inspire us for years to come.

Shaheed Diwas Wishes in Hindi 2023

Shaheed Diwas Celebration

Annually on this particular day, the Chief of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy along with the Prime Minister, President, Defense Minister, and Vice President, pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi which is located in Delhi at Raj Ghat. On January 30, states and UTs will observe silence for two minutes in honor of slain freedom fighters, under instructions from the federal government. India celebrates seven Martyr’s Days each year, also referred to as Sarvodaya Days at the national level. The country’s martyrs are remembered on this day.

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