Shahrukh Khan Horoscope: A Detailed Kundli Analysis to know what took him from a common Delhiite to the King Khan of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan Horoscope or Kundli Analysis: “King Khan” Shahrukh Khan is one such actor in the film industry who has set a benchmark in the hearts of fans with his hard work and dedication. Along with his outstanding acting, Shahrukh is also known for his Powerful & Romantic Dialogues. Almost every movie of Shahrukh has at least a dialogue that sets pop culture on fire.

Some of the most trendy dialogues are:-

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  • “Haar Kar Jeetne Waale ko Baazigar kehte hain” from movie “Baazigar”.
  • “Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nahi Namumkin Hai” from movie “Don”.
  • “Kaun Kambakht Bardasht karne ko peeta hai. Hum to peete hain taaki yahan baith saken, tumhe dekh sake, tumhe bardaasht kar saken” from movie “Devdas”.
  • “Har team mein sirf ek hi gunda ho saktha hai …aur is team ka gunda mein hoon” from movie “Chakde India”.

Shahrukh is one of the few Bollywood actors whose fan following is not limited to the borders of the country but the whole world.

If you are a die-hard fan of Mr. Shahrukh Khan and curious to know What are the astrological factors which made Shahrukh the “King Khan” and the richest actor of the bollywood, then read on the whole article. Here I (Astrologer Yogendra, Founder Astrologer Yogendra Pvt Ltd) will give you answers to all your questions by doing a meticulous horoscope or Kundli analysis of Shahrukh Khan a.k.a SRK.

Shahrukh Khan Horoscope or Kundli Analysis: DOB, Time, Place, And Zodiac Sign

  • Date: November 2, 1965.
  • Time: 02:30 AM.
  • Place: Delhi.
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

Shahrukh Khan Birth Chart

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Shahrukh Khan Horoscope or Kundli Analysis: Auspicious Kundali Yogas and Conjunctions

Shahrukh is born in the Leo Ascendant (Lagna) and the Lord pf Ascendant is situated in the 3rd house of the Kundli, this makes Shahrukh a very Hardworking person. Along with this, two Auspicious Yogas are being made in SRK’s horoscope. Shasha Yoga is being formed by Saturn in the seventh house, while Ruchak Yoga is being formed by Mars situated in the 4th house of SRK’s Kundli.

The composition of Ruchak Yoga is responsible for bringing all kinds of comforts to the life of the native. The 4th house is also the house of the mother, that’s why this yoga got Shahrukh such a helper in the form of his mother who eased Shahrukh’s difficulties at every point of life. 

While the composition of Shasha Yoga in the 7th house gave him the support of a lucky wife. Soon after marrying Gauri, Shahrukh’s fortunes took a turn, and his one after another film hit hard at the box office.

Due to Ketu in the 4th house and Rahu in the 10th house, Shahrukh had to face a lot of difficulties at an early age. Shahrukh had to take care of his father at a young age. But after the end of Rahu’s Dasha, as soon as Guru’s Dasha started, Shahrukh got a lucky wife like Gauri, and hit films one after the other pushed him towards success!

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