Shanaya Kapoor In Her Beach Boho Look Is A Sight To Behold!

Shanaya Kapoor- We all like a little beach action, don’t we? Be it a Saturday or sometimes even a working Monday, beach vacays are always in our minds. Before you plan your next beach trip make sure you have some glamorous beach fashion with you to stand out in the crowd and make the perfect statement!

Shanya Kapoor hasn’t gotten into the entertainment biz yet, but she is full in the fashion circle, and this time she served us with a very pretty and trendy beach look that you can definitely recreate for your next trip! It’s subtle, sweet, and very soothing to the eye with a dash of edginess to it.

Shanaya Kapoor In Her Beach Lilac Look

Sundays are for recovering from a hectic week. Additionally, they offer the ideal excuse to switch from traditional party ensembles and formal work attire to more casual looks. Shanaya Kapoor is setting an example of how to do things properly.

The famous offspring spent her Sunday this past weekend in the company of nature while wearing attire that was ideal for a day of relaxation. Shanaya opted for white wide-leg linen leggings and a pink string bralette.

She finished off her outfit with a flat-brimmed white hat and matching sandals. She wore a flower tucked behind her ear and had a natural, makeup-free face with her naturally wavy hair complementing her tranquil surroundings.

Before, Shanaya gave us a glimpse into how she likes to unwind at home in the evenings. She sat down on a beige couch with blue pillows that matched the sky nicely in the evening.

Because of her comfortable choice of loungewear, Shanaya was able to completely appreciate the view of the city below and the high structures.

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She sat barefoot and makeup-free on the couch wearing a grey cropped t-shirt and matching track trousers.

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