Watch Video: Shooting Amid Central Graduation Ceremony At Show Me Arena, Cape Girardeau

A shooting incident broke out at the Show Me Center in Missouri, to which the Cape Girardeau Police responded immediately. According to local media outlets, two people received injuries and were quickly transferred to the hospital.

At the Show Me Center in Missouri, Cape Central High School Graduation was taking place on Sunday. A video surfaced on the social media of the event displaying panic. 

The incident at the Cape Central High School graduation in Cape Girardeau took place around 2:40 PM, in broad daylight. The shooting occurred inside the Show Me Center on the second-floor concession area on the Southeast Missouri State University campus.

Incident Details

In the wake of the shooting incident, one of the victims, male who got gunshot injuries in his leg, apparently woke up and was aware of his situation. The other victim also got life threatening injuries.

Moreover, they were transferred to the hospital really quickly to receive medical aid. 

The Cape Girardeau Police Department verified the incident. Moreover, in relation to this shooting incident, a person was detained as well. 

Evacuation and Investigation

After the shooting, the place where the graduation ceremony was taking place was evacuated as a precautionary measure. 

Police are currently investigating the surroundings and circumstances of the incident. According to the Daily Mail, a witness revealed that a huge panic situation was created among the people present at the scene when the gunshot happened. 

Reports from the witnesses revealed that the post-shooting incident, students were shooting and running away, thus creating a chaotic scene. Certain video footage obtained from the graduation ceremony also substantiated the reports. 

KZIM, a live radio station from Cape Girardeau, claimed that at least one person was wounded in the incident. Furthermore, KSDK added that the graduation ceremony of Cape Central High School would be delayed.

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