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Should you opt for sponsored employee relocation?

The world is driving more and more towards the virtual way of doing business and in many ways, sponsored employee relocation, the remote working model has great benefits. With higher perks for the employees in the telecommuting era, more and more companies have adopted the work from home model. Moreover, the current situation of the pandemic further restricts a company’s desire to have an office full of employees, working under its nose. However, does this means that the future of the business world would be all about remote working?

Well, if we believe the facts pit forth by leading international moving companies, who have been a constant in several successful business relocations, not many businesses would like to continue with the model. There are many benefits for the business to have an office working environment and also there are great returns on investment on the money businesses invest in employee relocation. So, why is corporate relocation a great deal for a business? Let us decode it in this post:

  1. Hiring the top talent:

One of the great advantages that companies gain with employee relocation is the ability to hire top-notch talent irrespective of their geographical location. Researches have concluded that one of the primary reason why companies choose employee relocation is that they lack the required talent in their house.

Businesses need to understand that not all employees love to work remotely. There are individual requirements that employees want to fulfill by joining a company that offers employee relocation benefits.

The key is offering the employees a variety of options to choose from. Although offering remote work option may have its upfront costs, it is one investment that reaps you great future benefits.

  • A step towards work culture enrichment

Some businesses keep their employees engaged in their max potential. If such is the case, offering employee relocation can be a great way to retain the talented employee pool of your organization while allowing them a chance to perform and grow.

When businesses offer paid/ sponsored relocation facility to the employees who have proved their mettle, it shows that the business trusts their abilities and consider them as an asset to the organization. Providing the feeling of recognition to the employees is very crucial in the current times when businesses operate from various centers spread across several time zones.

Besides, when you relocate a top-performer, who pays great importance to the values of your business, to a different office, the manager carries your beliefs and values to the particular center and ensures that the same is imbibed in the staff there. The employees at various offices and locations are connected in terms of values and organizational beliefs they share.

  • A way to demonstrate value for employees

In most of the businesses, sponsored employee relocation is a privilege. Employees earn the privilege after they spend significant time with the business, achieve greater goals, or show exceptional performance in their respective fields. When employees get rewarded for their achievements with such a privileged perk, they feel valued.

Besides, moving employees to a different location is a big change that must be implemented strategically. You cannot just break the news and expect the employee to move without any retaliation. The employee would expect you to offer them some assistance in making the tough transition easier and this is what sponsored transition is all about.

When you choose to pay for the employee’s relocation cost, you show your commitment to the worker. Also, you offer them a chance to perform better and this is what values the most. If you simply ask the employees to move without any assistance, there are chances that the employee would start looking for alternatives and opportunities outside the company.

Tips to make employee relocation smooth:

This raises a very crucial question- What to know when relocating employees? You need to be very considerate about how you relocate your employees and what assistance do you provide. Besides offering them sponsored relocation, you may also keep a few things in mind, including:

  • Break the news well in advance if you do not want your employees to be terrorized. For them, relocation is a big deal as many of them must be moving with families. Make sure they have enough time to contemplate about this big change in their lives.
  • Give sufficient notice period for accepting the relocation offer as well as reporting at the new job after the acceptance. Usually, the respected time limit for change of location offer acceptance is 2 weeks while 4 weeks are given to the employee t report to the new job after acceptance.
  • Communicate as much as you can and share information. It is always great to communicate with your employees about the change in their life when you offer them a job location change offer. Make sure they know why the change has come in their line of job.
  • Provide essential help. Besides sponsoring the relocation it is also great to offer the employees some essential help like finding accommodation or the best school for their kids in the new city. It is a great way to show employees compassion by offering them some help in whatever way possible.

Some might sponsored employee relocation is not worth the price considering the hidden costs associated with the process. However, when you dig a little deeper, you would understand that it is worth to sponsor the move of your employee as it reaps you long-term benefits.

Manvendra Chaudhary

Manvendra Chaudhary, with over 5 years of professional experience as CEO of Unique News and Megalent Marketing, shares insights on life, business, and health for your success.

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