Simon Taufel explains why it is very difficult to ban ‘switch-hit’

There is always discussion and controversy in cricket about many shots. One such short ‘switch hit’, which umpire Simon Taufel has objected to, is declared illegal. The veteran umpire believes that it is impractical to call the switch hit shot illegal as it is not possible for on-field umpires to monitor a batsman’s ‘grip’ or ‘change in stance’.

Earlier, former Australian captain, Ian Chappell said that the ICC should ban the ‘switch-hit shot’ as it is unfair to bowlers and the fielding team. Former ICC Elite Panel umpire Taufel told the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘The game of cricket is art, not science. We are not perfect. ‘ He said, ‘If we say that such a shot should be banned, how will the umpires keep an eye on it.

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Taufel, who has been the ICC’s best umpire for five consecutive times, said, “Umpires have to make many decisions.” Front foot, back foot, safe area and where the ball is lying. It is not possible for an umpire to keep an eye on the grip or stance. ” He said, ‘What is the benefit of making such a law which could not be implemented. In a switch hit, the batsman changes hands as soon as the bowler leaves the ball, ie the right-handed batsman holds the bat in the left hand. Australian batsmen do it quite easily.

Chappell had said, “If a batsman changes his hand or foot before the ball hits, it should be an illegal shot.” Chappell said that if the batsman intimates in advance, then this shot is fine or else it is unfair.

He said, ‘The bowler has to tell the umpire what kind of ball he will bowl but if the batsman is right-handed then the captain looks fielded in the same way and then suddenly he plays with the left hand then it is wrong. Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell defended the shot. Maxwell, who often played this shot, said, “It is within the scope of the rules of the game.”

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