Simple improvements you can make to your home right now

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Are you on a budget but need to make some home improvements? You’re not alone. But lifestyle magazines and Instagram posts will make you believe that you need a robust wallet to do anything worthwhile in your home. We’re here to tell you something different. 

With a short trip to your local hardware store, you can buy everything you need for a beautiful home improvement that you’ll be proud of. Here are 4 ideas to get you started.

Paint everything

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. So why not paint everything? All you really need are a few cans and a paintbrush.

One option is to re-do the exact same colors. But why not get creative and do something different? Look for color palettes that will fit your furniture and current room decor, and just go for it. After you’re done, your room is bound to look new and improved.

We said to paint everything, so don’t forget to paint items like the cabinets, stairs as well. You’ll be shocked at how a new color makes everything look different.

Add a vintage entry lantern

Your home entrance where visitors pause to knock is an often overlooked spot for improvement. Spice things up with an entry lantern.

But don’t just use any lantern; take things back with a vintage piece that makes people stop and go, “wow! What is that?” You’ll stop to admire it very often too, because of how different it is.

While we’re on the entryway, consider changing your doorknobs as well. They can mean the difference between “just like every other house around” and “ultra-modern.”

Install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans serve two purposes in any home. Firstly, they are aesthetically pleasing, if you get the right one. There are models that have chandeliers attached to their centrepieces with decorations on the blades. They also come in a variety of colours so you can find one that matches your room.

Functionally, ceiling fans are useful both in the winter and summer. In the winter, they can help circulate warm air, reducing the amount of heating you need in any specific room. During the summer months, they can circulate cool air and keep everybody comfortable.

Installation can be a breeze too, especially if you have an attic. Otherwise, you may need to call a professional to run new wiring.

Upgrade your garden

It may be time to finally get to work on your garden and plant some flowers. Luckily, you can get flower buds for a bargain at the nearest garden store. It also gives you an extra hobby because now, you can tend to the flowers and take pride in knowing you planted them.

A garden bench is also a must-have if you own a backyard. It is very useful for sitting and taking in the beauty of your flowers or just enjoying the cool evening breeze. There are a variety of benches on the market and you’re bound to find one that matches your garden’s aesthetics.

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